My Ao3 Page
If you want to find my fics, HERE YOU GO

Everything I write -will- end up there eventually, although it may show up on my DeviantArt, the Kink meme, or even here first.

I am Ariamaki EVERYWHERE, so if you need to find me, just search the name :D

As Bright As Glory And As Dark As Sin
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

OOC Chatter
Well, if anyone needs to make an OOC post for Bliss Stage to/about me, here is a post to do it on-- Just throw down in the comments.
For reference, I am:
magia_erebea-- Negi Springfield from Negima
gunnery_gal-- Teana Lanster from Nanoha StrikerS
heeho_lover-- Elizabeth 'Philemon' Velvet from Persona 3 FES (Yeah, specifically from FES. Yes, there is a reason)

And as a quick check for OOC: If you message involves the term player, or any synonym for it, referring to a user, it is definitely OOC. Otherwise, your prerogative.


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